Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teacher's Unite

The House of Delegates meeting tonight, April 2nd, was nothing short of a disaster. But its through the cracks that the light gets in. For the first time in my recent memory the UPC'ers on stage looked like sitting ducks, with no message of hope or cogent answers to our doubts -- simply blank stares and garbled outbursts of choreographed cheers. Its time to look past the lack of vision or strategy in the current leadership and start developing our own, instead of depending on a disorganized and myopic group to realize it for themselves. Perhaps by taking more personal responsibility teachers can actually shape the policies of the organization that supposedly represents them, we've been dormant for far too long.




Cristen said...

Can we do a real exposé? Is anyone working on this? That wouldn't be too hard. The data exists to show that they are completely corrupt and self-serving... that they are destroying community schools, usurping community control and undermining progressive change.

flcertifiedteacher said...

nothing short of a disaster
"Disaster" in public education seems to be the operative work in this Florida school district where I reside (and I am indeed a FL certified teacher).

Things are so chaotic right now that I created a parody blog so I could at least laugh.

THE GRADEBOOK, the education blog of the St Petersburg Times, recently featured my parody blog (linked below), and then it was picked up by Tuff-Teach, a teachers' forum in Pinellas County, Florida.

Hope you and your readers might take a break from your own disasters and laugh at ours when you have a chance:

Something to Laugh About
-- from THE GRADEBOOK, St Petersburg Times